Wednesday , June 3rd 2020
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7/11 on the 12th

7/11 on the 12th

Simon + Abe taking in Sebastian’s last baseball game of This season.

The children have begun to observe the back to college advertisements lurking around and while it feels a ways out – it’s just about a month off! Crazy but … not. As I’m beginning to think maybe all the kids have summer shoes which fit and gotten many of their winter clothes out of their drawers – school will be coming round the mountain, so will not it? If you would like me to make apt and obvious observations regarding anything – anything whatsoever! Let me know – I’ll be all day/night.

2. So I finally ended The Lake House and if I felt as though it really dragged on and the ending was somewhat abrupt and also”neatly tied in a perfect bow” for my taste – that I find myself actually missing the figures and the publication as a complete therefore – I think I would advise it. Ha. I also read Dear Mrs. Bird for publication club and it was remarkably lovely. You understand when you begin casting the potential movie roles to certain actors/actresses – that the writer has done a fantastic job. I have moved onto Summer of’69 and whether it’s not my favourite Elin Hildebrand publication – its much from my least favorite and it really is the strangest”beach/backyard from the infant pool” book.

3. Now a John Francis update! He received a new hub! While I am not personally in the hospital with him it sounds like he’s doing and feeling well! The path to recovery is long and not easy but thank you for all your prayers!! His sisters are still here in the city for a visit and my kids are in absolute paradise getting to spend some time together. A summer accent? For sure. Alright – it is down to the last four to Hannah’s season and Lauren did the best job recapping last week. She makes me laugh so hard. I’m Team Tyler Forever but if she doesn’t pick him and he moves on to be the job? Lose/Win. For a longlong time (my whole motherhood?) I’ve sung the praises of those sound machines. And while I love them I purchased this 1 because it was on sale and now I am finding that I enjoy my mistress audio machine over I thought I adored my steady betties? Wild lifetime, be mine. Abe can unexpectedly sleep through a bunch of wild elephants (the older kids + buddies ) tromping through the home during his afternoon nap which is not a testament to just how deeply he sleeps because he doesn’t but I believe it is the sound machine, I do.

6. It seems like some retailers might be trying to keep up with the notorious Sale of this SEASON because Madewell is performing a rare 30% off sale fashions sale, tons of things are available over at times old LOFT, J.Crew is running a 40% off everything sale, and Hanna Andersson is performing a 25% off sale.

7. And as the stock is slightly different I think that the deals over at this Black Friday sale – (vacuum creep!! Like ) are a bit better than previous sale. But, that’s just ME.

Possess a terrific weekend!!