Wednesday , June 3rd 2020
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A Look Inside Japantown’s Harken Coffee

A Look Inside Japantown’s Harken Coffee

Among the more interesting food and drink operations that I’m eagerly anticipating is Harken Coffee in Railtown/Japantown. The 1,700 sqft area at 338 Powell St. is somewhat behind schedule, but such is life using a classic building that has been stripped down to its first brick.

  • 338 Powell St. (Opening soon)
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    I toured the distance now with Eldric Stuart (pictured above), the java whisperer behind Chinatown’s celebrated Aubade Coffee store. He will be in charge of creating the coffee program for Harken, performing everything from sourcing green java and directing the roasting to personnel training and keeping up a high standard for every cup. In addition to attracted shots, I’m told we could expect lots of pour-over action as well as 10 different cold drip machines operating at once.

    Besides coffee, the newcomer will be serving Japanese-inspired, shojin ryori-style vegan meals from a little kitchen run by chef Kris Barnholden (previously of Bows x Arrows, now in The Diamond). “Shojin ryori” translates as”meals of devotion”; it’s a cuisine created over many centuries by Zen Buddhist monks and a step-parent into the kaiseki mode of dining. No matter the specific case, it’s great that there will be more Japanese food coming to Japantown (see too Dosanko), also I can’t wait to find out how the concept develops and ultimately comes to fruition. Barnholden is really passionate about local products and seasonality, so the food here should be really intriguing.

  • A recent trip and website tour with Eldric Stuart revealed that progress is being make about the 16-seat Japanese-inspired coffee roastery and restaurant, with a lot of this framing now set up. The opening, I’m told, is to track for late summer.

  • To get a refresher on the concept, here is what I wrote concerning the location back in October, 2018, in addition to the series of photographs I took last week.