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Amazon FBA Seller News – May 10th, 2019

Amazon News Roundup, Volume 4 Seller chatter Sellers are feeling the effects of the US-China trade war, with many already seeing steep increases in tariffs. Here’s what they’re saying: “I am getting hit bad. My original quote for shipping [Free On Board] was 1200$ now after the tariffs its 2100$ ?” – Mohammed “Everything I import was on the list that went to 25% tariff last night. I have $10k in product sitting at a port in China ready to sail on May 14 that missed the cutoff point of midnight and will incur the tariff when it arrives. Not much I can do at this point – it is what it is. Just have to analyze and include it in future product research ?‍♀️” – Lisa We too are feeling the pinch. In a recent email sent to us by our freight forwarder, Flexport, we were informed that several of our products will be impacted by the increase: This is the link referenced above: 301 Tariffs A word of advice… In moments like these, there is no cause for alarm. Inevitably, consumers will end up bearing the cost of the increase. The hikes will likely result in higher prices. … Read More

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