Sunday , July 12th 2020
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Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

I did promise to blog more and, since Katy suggested every Friday, here I am! I’m not a huge resolutions person but I did resolve that 2019 was going to be the year of the schedule. What do I mean by that? Well, that I allocate time for the things I want to spend my time doing (blogging! watercolors! art projects! seeing friends!) and then put them in the calendar and do them. I subscribe to Sarah Wendell’s Organization Academy which I highly recommend and she is passionate about reserving and defending your time.

“The importance of reserving time for your own happiness never expires. If you reserve your time, and defend that time on your calendar as much as possible, you’ll create a space for you to do something that makes you happy.”

Sarah Wendell

What else have I been excited about this week? Well, Ben is almost one (!?!?); so I’m thinking about cakes and saw this one from @cococakeland and promptly bought her book which arrived tonight. As soon as I finish this post I’m going to dive back into it. Cake for the win!

A cake from @cococakeland

One of our family traditions is that I always make this King Arthur Flour cake for Tim and Alex’s birthday. I will make our “traditional” cake for Ben but with some flair frosting! And maybe some raspberries mixed in since Ben is crazy for raspberries.

Cakes and Google Calendar aside, most of my week was some version of this photo:

Yep, that’s a men’s 3XL Uniqlo jacket I’m wearing over my baby carrier. Ha!
Same song, different verse!

I did manage one project in the house; I framed some of Alex’s artwork. One of the sad things about Alex getting older is that he makes so much less art than when he was younger. I’ve noticed he has been a little apprehensive about doing art, so I put this art up both to show him that his art is important to our family but also just a reminder of his own creativity. I also realized that the years I have to do art projects with him are limited – so – this semester we’re trying out an art project a week on Wednesdays (see above, power of scheduling). This week we made puffy stapled rainbows and it was great. ALSO: a PRO TIP from me to you: make yourself date the flood of artwork. I wish wish wish I’d just written the YEAR on the back on some of these.

Here’s the work in progress gallery wall – it’s not perfect and in the old days I probably wouldn’t have posted it. But, hey, it’s 2019 and I know that if you’re reading this blog you’re interested in more than perfection! Anyway, I didn’t let perfect be the enemy of good here – the spacing is wonky and I may eventually change the order and layout but for now – Alex loves it – and we’ve started making art together again and it makes me happy when I walk by.

I’m getting sleepy so I will end this: the movement of Little Free Pantries. I saw this one outside the Lutheran church of St. John St. Matthew- Emanuel in Park Slope. You can leave food, baby clothes and toys. In these bleak times, it reminded me that all of us can always find ways to help.

I had never heard of a little free panty before but I did some research and it’s a grassroots effort similar to the Little Lending Libraries. I’m going to look into starting one near my building.

Thanks, as always, for reading and let me know what you’re scheduling time for this year or if you’ve seen or made one of these little free pantries.