Wednesday , November 13th 2019
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Hilleberg Launches Lightweight Trekking Pole Tent

Hilleberg Launches Lightweight Trekking Pole Tent

Both interior tent entrance partitions, such as the doorways, are no-see-um mesh, and this, along with the catenary patterning in the outer tent walls guarantee excellent full-size warmth. Both doors on the two vestibules could be partly or fully rolled off, allowing even more ventilation options, and either or both of the Anaris’s sides could be rolled up.

The Hilleberg Anaris will retail for 705 euros and about the exact same in dollars. While the cost and weight can seem like a lot for a hiking pole kayak, you can be sure Hilleberg constructed the kayak to last for many years of use.

Like most of Hilleberg chairs, the Anaris has connected outer and inner tents, permitting both simultaneous pitching or separate use. Used on its own, the outer tent becomes a very lightweight 1 pound 7 oz yet highly usable tarp.

Built for 3-season usage, the Anaris weighs only 3 lbs 1 ounce in terms of packed weight and provides 28-square-feet of inner tent space with 43 inches of headroom. You obtain a further 9.7-square-feet of distance in each of the two vestibules for storing gear.

Famous for their bomber four year tents that will stand up to whatever the weather can throw at them, Hilleberg gets set to launch a new biking pole tent for Spring 2020. Even the 2-person Anaris is a┬ávery roomy yet lightweight ridge tent, built to pitch with hiking poles or by hammering the ridge ends from trees or other supports — perfect for thru-hikers or lightweight backpackers.
Hilleberg Anaris