Sunday , July 12th 2020
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I have so much to tell you

I have so much to tell you

I have so much to tell you! First, I love you. If you read this blog, you are golden to me. Design Scouting has always been a fairly esoteric labor of love, a very digital, very abstract kind of art. It’s a collage, it’s a diary, it’s an awesome group of people. Not everyone gets it; and that’s cool. But those of you who do – you are pure bliss. I’ve met a lot of you over the years; some of you are today my best friends, the people who make me feel the most seen and heard.

I’ve had three careers in the years that I blogged; I worked in the agencies, museums, and now, for myself, writing fiction. I had Alex (who is almost 10!), I had three miscarriages; I had Ben (who is almost 1!). I’ve moved six times and bought and sold an apartment and then bought a house in Millerton NY. I guess the shortest, truest thing to say is that I grew up blogging. And recently, with the Awl and Design*Sponge closing up shop (to name just two blogs) I realized that I didn’t want to close up shop.

Katy Elliot and I were DMing in Instagram (where I do most of my txting these days) and we cooked up this idea that we’d go back to blogging, together. She’s been a cheerleader as I found my login, waded through all the insane WordPress updates. She even gave me a deadline (today) for this post.

Because, even when I wasn’t posting here, I was still saving random art, interiors, objects on my phone to share with you. Like these dog cookies from @bakedideas or this kitchen from @houseandgardenuk. So hey, I’m going to post here like it’s 2010 and I hope you’ll leave a comment if you see something you like.

Or this sunny bookcase from @rachelaliceroddy.

Or this gasp worthy hallway from @soanebritain sent to me by @evencleveland.