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Zhangpeng Lightweight and Breathable Mosquito Camping Tent Outdoor Double Waterproof and Windproof Camping Hiking Tent

Product Features:

    Get close to nature and enjoy the mountainsProduct Name: Lightweight double breathable tentTent color: greenTent structure: double accountTent material: polyester fiberTent bottom material: PolyethyleneBracket: fiberglassTent size: 200x120x105cm after opening; storage bag diameter 50cm (storage bag is cylindrical);Tent weight: about 1.9KGConstruction situation: need to buildAdapt to the season: summer accountTent…
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Product Description

Get close to nature and enjoy the mountains

Product Name: Lightweight double breathable tent

Tent color: green

Tent structure: double account

Tent material: polyester fiber

Tent bottom material: Polyethylene

Bracket: fiberglass

Tent size: 200x120x105cm after opening; storage bag diameter 50cm (storage bag is cylindrical);

Tent weight: about 1.9KG

Construction situation: need to build

Adapt to the season: summer account

Tent size: 1-2 people

Tent space structure: one-bedroom structure

Tent external waterproof index: 1000mm (inclusive) – 1500mm (inclusive)

Waterproof index at the bottom of the tent: 1000mm (inclusive) – 1500mm (inclusive)

Designed for: Lightweight tents designed by mountain hikers

Applicable scenes: hiking, hiking, etc.

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Product Features

  • Double tent, flat area 120*200cm, comfortable space
  • The walking tour is convenient to carry and weighs about 1900g. It is easy to install and can be covered directly from the top.
  • Vented hole design, one at the top and one at the bottom
  • Interior design storage bag, necessities for daily necessities
  • Level 5 windproof